June  11   ( 67 )

Huntbastian Humpday: Superhero

AU: Where Detective Hunter Clarington is very happy to have a superhero (Sebastian Smythe) around. And he may or may not have a huge crush on said superhero.

June  4   ( 136 )

Hunter is sexy and he knows it. (x)

May  25   ( 35 )

AU: Just another boring day at work for Hunter Clarington- or at least it is until Sebastian Smythe walks in…

May  21   ( 68 )

May  20   ( 137 )

me when i came home and checked the grant gustin tag today:image

May  15   ( 26 )

May  15   ( 45 )


you’re welcome! :)

May  13   ( 65 )

Anonymous: Hi. Sorry to bother you about this but I'm in love with Nolan's face and haven't seen a gif you posted before. It's the first one in the Huntbastian gifset you just posted that says 'oh no did I get too close?'. Is there any way you can upload it without the text or link me to it or something? I will love you forever!

no problem! I decided to just gif the rest of that scene (it’s from the canyons)  and make a gif set to upload. hope that works for ya :)